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Sick of being Patientare a series of solo and collaborative projects by artist and disability activist Charlie Fitz. The projects aim to resist and challenge the expectation that the 'sick' person be patient, passive and submissive to medical institutions and a society that is systematically failing the chronically ill and disabled. 

A gif of Charlie, a white woman in her twenties with chin length brown hair is wearing a hospital gown and standing in front of a microphone with pop filter. The gif switches in between the women smiling, laughing, holding her face with a scared expression and a neutral expression.

Accessibility is a priority: I am working on improving the accessibility of this website & adding Alt text to all images. I am new to website building, any feedback on how to make this website more accessible is apreciated. Email: sickofbeingpatient@gmail.com


Sick of Being Patient is proud to be supporting the Partisan Access Fund in collaboration with STILL ILL. Learn more here: Partisan Access Fund Launch Event

Twitter feed, because social media is vital to online activists. Online activism is a vital act of resistance for chronically ill people and/or disabled people. Diverse mediums of activism are needed and valid for accessibility. 

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