Sick of being Patient, is the home to a range of visual and written creative solo and collaborative projects by Charlie Fitz. Many of the visual art projects are collaborative pieces with Oscar Vinter. Fitz & Vinter are partners in art and life. The projects aim to resist and challenge the expectation that the 'sick' person be patient, passive and submissive to medical institutions and a society that is systematically failing the chronically ill and disabled. 

Radical acts of care collage. A collage artwork consisting of various objects and people imposed onto a light blue background amidst yellow, red, green, pink, purple and blue quadrilateral shapes; a young white woman side on in a wheelchair, a grey armless statue, a plate with broken egg shells on, a small dog, a hand in a glass jar, orange roses in a vase, two penguins, shards of glass, a brown envelope, a tall building, a lampost and a young mixed race man upside down holding flowers. In the mirror in is struck through blue text which reads; "radical acts of care".

Accessibility is a priority: I am working on improving the accessibility of this website & adding Alt text to all images. I am new to website building, any feedback on how to make this website more accessible is apreciated.


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