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What is 'Sick of being Patient'?

The word patient and patience both come from the Latin word 'Patien', which means 'one who suffers'. 'Sick of being Patient' are a series of solo and collaborative projects aimed at resisting and challenging the expectation that the sick person be patient, be passive or be submissive to medical institutions pr a society that is systemically failing the chronically illness and/or disabled.

Who is Charlie Fitz?

Charlie was completing a Masters in Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London, which was interrupted by serious illness. She has multiple co-morbid chronic illnesses and self identifies as disabled. She is interested in the relationship between illness, disability and identity, the experience of living as a 'sick' person and societal roadblocks on the way to diagnosis. She plans to explore these ideas in relation to art, literature and philosophy at doctorate level.