A photo of Charlie, a white woman in her twenties with chin length straight brown hair is holding a banana to her ear as though it is a phone. There is a green tree behind her, she is wearing a sheer, long sleeve black top with white flowers on.

What is 'Sick of being Patient'?

The word patient and patience both come from the Latin word 'Patien', which means 'one who suffers'. 'Sick of being Patient' are a series of solo and collaborative projects created by Charlie Fitz aimed at resisting and challenging the expectation that the sick person be patient, be passive or be submissive to medical institutions pr a society that is systemically failing the chronically illness and/or disabled.

Who is Charlie Fitz?

Charlie Fitz is a sick and disabled artist and writer based in the UK. Her pronouns are she/her/they. She is a Wellcome Trust funded Medical Humanities Postgraduate Researcher at Birkbeck, a founding member of Resting Up Collective and recently received Arts Council funding for a collaborative project. Her multiform works explore lived experiences of illness, disability and trauma; whilst aiming to resist and challenge the expectation that the 'sick' be patient or passive to Western biomedicine.