'The Vulva Series', is a digital collage series, reflecting on trauma, desire and the troubling medical history of the vulva. I created this series after attending an online Vulva Visual Poetry workshop through the Vagina Museum. We were encouraged to create empowering love letters to our vulvas through visual poerty. During the poetry I created a very messy, rage fuelled collage, full of mixed ideas and a vary raw response to the brief. My relationship to my body is very complicated. After the workshop I created this series, each piece a paired down version focusing on a partilcuar aspect of my reaction in the original collage.

I am sorry

digital collage, July 2020

TW: allusions to sexual assault

During the workshop I tried to write an empowering love note to my vulva as instructed. But the words "I am sorry" were stuck in my head. "I am sorry" about what you have been through. I am sorry about the illnesses you have. I am sorry about your faulty connective tissues. I am sorry you will never experience birth. I am sorry for what others have done to you and for what I have let happen. I am sorry that we weren't believed. And I am sorry that we can't forget. I'm sorry your desire has been neglected. But I want to love you, prolapses, dysfunction and all. 

Make space for your desire

digital collage, July 2020

TW: sexual content 


Tend to you moonbean. Normalise and celebrate women's desire. And normalise disabled desire. 


When you live in a body that hurts all of the time making space for your own desire and pleasure isn't always easy.  I vow to make space for my desire.

There are many myths

digital collage, July 2020

Accessibility is a priority: I am working on improving the accessibility of this website & adding Alt text to all images. I am new to website building, any feedback on how to make this website more accessible is apreciated.

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