An abstract digital drawing of a person in a hospital gown sitting by an x-ray having a defecating proctogram. The drawing consists of a block, pastel palette of colours.

Defecating Proctogram
digital drawing, 2020

Art piece showing an abstract hospital room. In the centre is a yellow single hospital bed, in front of which is a maroon coloured portable bed table on wheels. Above the bed is a dark orange television attached to a large wall arm, whilst to the left-hand side of the bed is a green chair with a high back. On the right-hand side of the art work is a dark teal sink and medical rubbish bin seen beyond an open partition curtain which is pink and blue.

A Room of One's Own
digital drawing, 2020

A digital drawing art piece consisting of abstract body parts such as vertebrae, organs and tissue in various pastel colours such as light orange, baby blue, mustard, dark teal on a light peach background. The initials CF are in the bottom right-hand corner.

Internal Abstractions
digital drawing, 2020

Art piece consisting of abstract objects and shapes in different pastel colours, light orange, baby blue, mustard, dark teal on a light peach background. Above these shapes there is an IV pouch on a pole on the right-hand side of the piece with fuchsia coloured wheels. Meanwhile in the bottom left-hand corner there is an open pill container on its side with white pills falling out of it. Above is a dark sky-blue mobility walker with a pouch at the front and a small seat.

digital drawing, 2020