In these diptychs Fitz & Vinter pair text with film photography. Best quality viewing on larger screens.


Prophecies Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Hold my hand Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Mother Laughs for days Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Heliotropic Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

I Do Nothing Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

We are aware of the typo in this piece, Oscar Vinter and I are both severely dyslexic and have decided to embrace this mistake. We are leaving it as a mark of this invisible disability in our work. 

The Social Model Diptych 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Interested in a print?

These pieces are available as A2 signed prints limited to a run of 25 copies. They are available for a donation to Chance4Charlie. To express interest in a print please email:

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