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8th March 2021 

Sister Stories

My series 'Making space for trauma' was published on Sisters of Frida. Check it out here: link

December 2020

Publication - Blog for XES Products. Check it out here: link

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 14.33.22.png

17th November 2020 

Oddball Space Artist of the week.

This week I am artist of the week at Oddball Space an online art organisation, which hosts virtual exhibitions. Read the Q&A here: link

An image of a book cover. The cover has blue horizontal lines and verticial dashs in another shade of blue. In the top right corner is The Emma Press logo, a blacn and white stick figure drawing of twp people in a circle, with the words; "The Emma Press" written under the circle. In the middle of the book cover in black text it reads "The Emma Press / Anthology of Illness / Edited by Amy Mackelden and Dr Dylan Jaggard".

7pm BST, 2nd October 2020 

Emma Press Anthology of Illness Virtual Book Launch.

If you would like to know more or book a space click here: link

If you would like to buy a copy click here: link

8pm EST, 17th September 2020 

Feels Zine Virtual Launch of the 'freedom' issue.

If you would like to know more or book a space click here: link

Feels Zine square event image. The background is a photo of a blue sky with white clouds. In yellow next the word "freedom" is written across the screen in an uneven diagonal line from top left to bottom right. Underneath in smaller writing it reads "September 17 / zoom storytelling launch / 8pm EST // PWYC donation / ticket sales to Legacy of Hope Foundation". 

News in September 2020 

Publication - Interview for Lacuna Magazine. Check it out here: link

A cartoon by the artist Crippen. The cartoon is a drawing of Charlie as a warrior in silver and gold full body armour and a gold helmet with small wings on. She holds a large paintbrush and pallet.

My Vulva Series is currently being exhibited virtually with Oddball Gallery in the exhibition Locked/Down, a virtual exhibition in the form of a text based game. My work is exhibited in room 2. 

A photo of a window with open blinds. Over this image are a pattern of shapes in various pastel colours. On top of these shapes it reads in black text 'Locked / Down, Virtual Exhibition, Oddball Gallery 10th Aug - 10th Oct.'

12th August  2020

Interview in Disability Arts Online with Crippen.

I was interviewed in the Disability Arts Online magazine about disability, the social model and my art practise. Along with that interview Dave Lupton aka Crippen created an incredible cartoon, to the left is part of the cartoon. The full interview and cartoon can be viewed here: link

A turquoise square, with a pink circle inside of the space. In the middle of the circle also in turquoise it reads 'SPACE #6'.

August 2020

Profile Gallery, Virtual Exhibition

Part of my 'Be Patient' series is currently being exhibited virtually at Profile gallery in Space #6 alongside other artists. 

Profile gallery describe the exhibition as 'exploring the uses of language, technology and our bodies' stating that the work 'brings to light how we forge our individual collective conscience through prescribed structures.' View the virtual exhibition here: link

10th August - 10th October 2020

Oddball Gallery, Locked/Down, Virtual Exhibition

View the virtual exhibition here: link

News in July 2020 

Publication - ‘It’s All in Your Head’ – The Dangerous Legacy of the ‘Sick Role’ in dubble. Check it out here: link


Publication - 'The anxiety of a proud disabled womxn' & 'Disability community'. Check it out here: link

News in June 2020 

Publication of the art essay - 'Assisted Self-portraits: Creative collaboration, intimacy & physical acts of care' in the Able Zine newletters, Care in the Time of Crisis. Check it out here: link

Saturday 16th May 2020

4pm PST / 7pm EST

Cordella's Virtual Launch Party!

I will be reading poetry, along with many other performances from many of the issues contributors.

Although this event has already happened you can watch the recorded event at: 

Cordella's Virtual Launch Party!

At the top and bottom of the image there are 4 tiled images, 8 in total, left to right with vintage photographs of different women from diverse ethnic backgrounds. In between the two rows of images it reads in capitalised font "save the date for Cordella's", underneath in larger italicized font "Virtual Launch Party", below that in standard smaller font "Saturday, May 16th 4pm PST / 7pm EST". Below in smaller italicized font "Celebrating our first print issue with poetry and prose readings, live music, and interactive conversations with our contributors!"

News in May 2020 

Lutte Collective (a place for chronically ill & disabled artists) featured the awesome creative and Able Zine founder Claudia Rose in May. Read Claudia's interview here to learn more about here work, she also mentions Charlie Fitz (me) as an artist to watch.  Check it out here: link

Friday 10th May 2020

7pm GMT

I will be reading poetry remotely from my bedroom for the bedroom series for the remote body.

Visit the remote body instagram account to find out more!

the background is purple with a pale green swatch of what looks like snake skin in the bottom left corner. There is black text that reads: ‘Our second evening bedroom performances Friday 10th April 7pm GMT Readings/performances from Leijia Hanrahan, Charlie Fitz, Elizabeth Atherton & Tamsyn Chandler  RSVP to with subject 'RSVP bedroom 2' for zoom link and password  Places are limited!’

Saturday - Sunday 28th & 29th March 2020

Behind The Scars Instagram takeover

In February I took part in Behind The Scars a photography campaign created by Sophie Mayanne celebrating scars and the stories behind them.

I took over the Behind The Scars instagram account for entire weekend. The takeover is saved in the highlights, check out the post here: link

News - 26th November 2019 

The body posivity and scar campaign Love Disfigure shared my scar story on Instagram.  Check it out here: link

Black and white poster advertising the launch event of the Partisan Access Fund. On the left hand side of the image is the access fund logo which consists of a low building with a small roof and chimney and the words "Partisan" underneath the words "Access", underneath which there is a key with a wheelchair logo next to the word "fund". Text on the reads from top to bottom: "x more details to be announced soon.x [..] Launch Event [..] Sick of Being Patient: Diptychs [..] Charlie J Fitz & Oscar Vinter [..] Thursday 20th June 2019 [..] ART// EXHIBITION // MUSIC // SALE //RAFFLE //GRUB // FUNDRAISING // ACCESS [..] Partisan Collective, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY. Poster designed by Mel B.

poster designed by Mel b

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Access Fund Mash Up!

Dulcimer Bar, 567 Wilbraham Road, M21 0AE Manchester, United Kingdom

Exhibition//Pen Fight//Still Ill OK //SNS

Facebook event link

Thursday 20th June, 6 pm - 9 pm

Partisan Access Fund Launch Event

Partisan Collective
19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY Manchester, United Kingdom


Facebook event link

Webpage event link

Sick of Being Patient is proud to be supporting the Partisan Access Fund in collaboration with STILL ILL. Learn more here: Partisan Access Fund Launch Event

Poster reading: "radical acts of care, an exhibition at Ganapati Restaurant ''. Ganapati Restaurant is hosting an exhibition called Radical Acts of Care, showcasing the collaborative work of partners in art and life Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of Chance4Charlie, a fundraising campaign for life-saving neurosurgery for Charlie, as well as issues surrounding vulnerability and the nature of caring. We would like to invite readers to create visual artwork or present writing on the theme of Radical Acts of Care, to be shown alongside Charlie and Oscar's work and be part of the exhibition. Submissions need to be A6 (postcard size) - please post your artwork, drop it in, or email digital files to the restaurant. info@ganapatirestaurant.comWork shown will be for sale at the private view /fundraiser at Ganapati Restaurant. Monday 1st April 6.30pm. Part of the exhibition will be virtual and can be viewed at


Monday, 18 February 2019

from 19:00-20:30

Robinson College, Cambridge

I will be exploring the relationship of the “sick woman” to art and activism and how art engagement and art practice can be used as a tool to highlight narratives of sickness and disability to challenge the predominantly abelist narratives that dominant politics, culture and society.

Poster reads in white font 'Robinson College Feminist Society presents, Feminist Art & Activisn. With guest speakers Charlie Fitz and Elizabeth Gordon. The background of the image is a large faded red toned image of paint, a paint brush and a paint covered palette knife. There are four images in circle frames, one in each corner of the poster. Top left an image of Charlie outside in her wheelchair. Under that a bold black illustrated logo of a fist holding a paintbrush within the female symbol. Top right a photo of Elizabeth with her first in the air mimicking her logo. Under that is a painting done by Charlie of a red figure holding an IV pole.

26th January 2019 2.00pm-3.00pm 

Sick Women: Art Tour and Talk

(This event has been postponed for medical reasons.)