In these collages Fitz & Vinter virtually edited film photography and text together. In the physical exhibition these pieces are printed on semi transparent media and displayed in light-boxes.

Radical Acts Study In Pink

by Fitz & Vinter 

The Thinking Heart 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Promise to be Tender 

by Fitz & Vinter 

Radical Acts of Care Collage 

by Fitz & Vinter 

'Fitz has a rarely diagnosed connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Due to this, her cervical spine is severely unstable - the weight of her head crushing the structure of her neck causing her brain to herniate her skull. In turn, causing multiple, concerning and surreal neurological issues such as seizures, aphasia and loss of vision. She is at risk of internal decapitation ~ Honey, It's My Hindbrain.'

Interested in a print?

The 4 collage pieces are available as A3 signed prints limited to a run of 100 copies. Express you interest by emailing

Accessibility is a priority: I am working on improving the accessibility of this website & adding Alt text to all images. I am new to website building, any feedback on how to make this website more accessible is apreciated.


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