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In these collages Fitz & Vinter virtually edited film photography and text together. In the physical exhibition these pieces are printed on semi transparent media and displayed in light-boxes.

The Thinking Heart 410x550mmsmaller.jpg
PinkRadicalActs 845x550mmsmaller.JPG

Radical Acts Study In Pink
by Fitz & Vinter 

The Thinking Heart 
by Fitz & Vinter 

A landscape photograph of Oscar, a young mixed raced man with short shaved dark hair, wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and a dark blue jean shirt lies with his eyes closed in thick green grass surrounded by wildflowers. His eyes are closed, his lies diagonally across the frame, cut off at the torso. Over the image yellow italicized text, with a struck through with a yellow line reads "promise to be tender."

Promise to be Tender 
by Fitz & Vinter 

A digital collage artwork consisting of various objects and people imposed onto a light blue background amidst yellow, red, green, pink, purple and blue quadrilateral shapes; a young white woman side on in a wheelchair, a grey armless statue, a plate with broken egg shells on, a small dog, a hand in a glass jar, orange roses in a vase, two penguins, shards of glass, a brown envelope, a tall building, a lampost and a young mixed race man upside down holding flowers. In the middle there is blue text with a live strike through it, which reads; "radical acts of care".

Radical Acts of Care Collage 
by Fitz & Vinter 

'Fitz has a rarely diagnosed connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Due to this, her cervical spine is severely unstable - the weight of her head crushing the structure of her neck causing her brain to herniate her skull. In turn, causing multiple, concerning and surreal neurological issues such as seizures, aphasia and loss of vision. She is at risk of internal decapitation ~ Honey, It's My Hindbrain.'

Interested in a print?

The 4 collage pieces are available as A3 signed prints limited to a run of 100 copies. Express you interest by emailing

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