Patience Podcast
Episode Two
'Victorian morals & standards of care'

This episode was recorded on 7th December 2018 and it was researched earlier than this, unfortunately, due to serious health issues this episode took us a very long time to complete. Charlie is suffering from.


The episode covers:

  • Tory hypocrisy over medical cannabis and second sources of income.

  • Can we trust Matt Hancock (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care) and the tories do to anything about the inhuman treatment of people in ATU’s? (Assessment Treatment Centres).

  • Something positive section - A new UK print magazine celebrating disabled artists, activists, and influencers. Check out their website:  

  • Recommendations.

Podcast Notes


Confirming some of the facts we weren’t sure on at the time of recording:

  • The CQC is the care quality commission for all health and care in England, including, care homes, hospitals, GP services, and dental services.

  • British Sugar: colonial? We don’t think so.

  • There are only 5 countries free of external debt: Brunei, Liechtenstein, Niue, Palau, The British Virgin Islands.

  • We can confirm if a local council goes into debt it gets taken over by central government.

  • The Tate Modern in London is the 9th most visited museum in the world, no the most of the 6th.


Resource/article links:


-Britain’s local councils face financial crisis

-Drugs minister accused of 'hypocrisy on a grand scale' over husband's involvement in legal cannabis farm

-Learning disability care could return to 'Victorian era' because of nurse training cuts, experts warn

-Hancock announces ‘seclusion and segregation’ review… after 70 years of concerns

-English councils brace for biggest government cuts since 2010 despite 'unprecedented' budget pressures


Radio documentaries:

-Transforming Care - Is it Working?

-Homes Not Hospitals


Recommendations made throughout the show:


-Disability News Service -



- Kaveh Akbar:

twitter: @KavehAkbar 


-Aby Norman: 

twitter: @abbymnorman


- The Triple Cripples:

twitter: @TripleCripples 

Episode 2 'Victorian Morals & standards of care', transcription. Click on the PDF

link to download the transcription.

UK government petitions to support. Please read, sign and share!

- 'Police Officers to have mandatory training in autism and learning disability'.

Created by Paula McGowen a mother campaigning after her son died whilst being restrained by police during a seizure. Read more about her campaign here: 


- 'Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disabilities in ATU’s'. Created by leading Autism Activist and ambassador Kevin Healey, learn more about his work here: