Campaigns & petitions to support

Intersectional Disability and chronic illness activism can seem mammoth. Intersectional feminist activism can seem mammoth the amount of injustice in our world is overwhelming. I focus my work on the areas where my strengths lie cultural activism challenging damaging narratives of illness and disability. Beyond that one way to feel a little less powerless in the face of such huge discrimination is to be an ally. To help with this I will be building a list or archive here of some of the campaigns or current petitions I am trying to be a good ally too. As well as any campaigns I am personally invested in. 

Petitions to support. Please read, sign and share!

Out of date petitions

'Protect the rights of disabled citizens to protest peacefully'.

The Government must commit to the DWP not using images of people protesting, campaigning or engaging in political activities as “proof” of benefit fraud. They must also ban the police from passing images of disabled people to the DWP. Petition created by Daisy Higman read here blog here: link

Deadline 24 November 2019 

'Improve maternal care for black British women'. Black women in the UK are five times more likely to die from complications surrounding pregnancy and childbirth than white women. We need an urgent review of care with recommendations on how to ensure it is no more dangerous for black women to give birth in the UK than white women. Petition created by Mari Nicholas. Deadline 30 November 2019

'Police Officers to have mandatory training in autism and learning disability'.

Created by Paula McGowen a mother campaigning after her son died whilst being restrained by police during a seizure. Read more about her campaign here: 

Deadline 27 August 2019

'Stop the detention of people with autism & learning disabilities in ATU’s'. Created by leading Autism Activist and ambassador Kevin Healey, learn more about his work here:  

Deadline 6 May 2019 - petition closed 45,010 signatures, read Government response.

'UK government to integrate all rights in UN CEDAW Convention into domestic law. In 1986 the UK government ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). It gives rights to UK women & obligates government to advance women's lives, recognising past inequalities & remedying them. Its provisions must become part of domestic law.' Petition started by activist Jack Jones. Read more about the UN CEDAW Convention here:

Deadline 23 April 2019 - petition closed 19,471 signatures, read Government response.

'It is not in the public interest to make Sally Challen and her sons go through another trial for murder. Stop discriminating against women and take domestic abuse seriously.

Please sign this petition asking the CPS to accept a plea of guilty to manslaughter and support our continued fight for justice.'

Justice For Women starting this petition, learn more about Sally Challen's situation and Justice For Women's work here:

'Allow people to identify outside of 'male' and 'female' on legal documentation

Non-binary people in the UK are currently unable to identify on legal documentation that their gender is neither male or female. We want to apply pressure on the UK Government to allow non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender-fluid and intersex people the right to self-identify.'

Petition started by Jamie Windust,'award-winning LGBTQIA+ Editor in Chief, Freelance Writer, Public Speaker and Model.' Find out more about their work at:

Deadline 12 August 2019