June is LGBT+ Pride Month, but is pride accessible?

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

June is Pride month! Throughout June I will be signposting to content by awesome LGBTQ+ disability advocates and activists who are asking the question is Pride accessible and inclusive? And, if not, exploring how it can become accessible. So whether you identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community or whether you are an ally, ask yourself if the pride events you are attending are accessible and inclusive and how they can be more so. He is a great article by Alaina Leary to get you thinking:


[#ImageDescription - Charlie young white woman is centre frame and smiles at the camera. She has short brown hair which partial goes across her face. She is holding a pride flag and wears a white stripy top and dark blue raincoat. She also wears a feather necklace which is red, yellow and turquoise. Only her upper body is in frame. There is a crowd of people blurred out behind her and buildings and a red double decker bus. Superimposed on the photo at the top of the image is a semi-transparent rainbow with the title Is Pride accessible?' in bold, black font].

Photo taken by @OscarVinter. This photo was taken at Birmginham Pride 2018 and was the first Pride I was able to attend for many years due to illness and disability. Out of shot I am using my rollator, which was fairly new at this point. I grew up immersed in the gay community of the area I lived in, although at the time I did not understand my gender and sexuality and was a little too scared to explore it as much as I feel I should of now, growing up in that community I always felt accepted; although at the time I was not disabled. I now feel more comfortable with defining myself as a woman who plays with feminity and masculinity and my sexuality as fluid. Either way, term or no term the LGBT+ community has been an important part of my life from my teens and being able to attend pride for the first time in 5 years with the help of a rollator was important.

From here on out I will be adding'is Pride Accessible' content signposts to my EDS awareness posts throughout June. Look out for them.


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