Radical Acts of Care; community of postcards

In the lead up to the exhibition we asked for donations from our online and local communities of postcard (A6) artworks responding to the theme, Radical Acts of Care. These works will be displayed as part of this virtual exhibition and in Ganapati Restaurant. Where they will be available to exchange for a donation, all proceeds going to Chance4Charlie.  

Artists who have donated works, their Instagram handles & websites:

Krystyna Fitzharris @krystynafitzharris

Claire Fisher

Tom Glencross @tom.glencross

Shiv Grewal @artshivinder​     http://shivinder.co.uk/

Tony Hayward @tonyhaywardhuntergatherer     http://tonyhayward.co.uk/

Indiana (our 3 year old niece)


Tobez Marinio @tobezmarinio

Melanie Lucking

Marley (our 4 year old nephew)

Alex Partridge @alexxuzxxz

Emma Rose @emmacharlotterose


Pam Williams @print_it_out2


Thank you to all the incredible artists who have donated postcard art. If you would like to contribute some work send hard copies to:


Claire Fisher, Ganapati Restaurant, 38 Holly Grove, Peckham, London SE15 5DF

or digital files to: sickofbeingpatient.com

If you have donated work which we have not credited or added your social or portfolio links please email us the details: sickofbeingpatient@gmail.com 


Thank you to Claire Fisher for enabling and encouraging our art practise.


All our love, Charlie & Oscar