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Radical Acts of Care, 

virtual exhibition

Radical Acts of Care’, is inspired by Johana Hedva's 'Sick Woman Theory'.  Which states that: 'The most anti-capitalist protest is to care for another and to care for yourself.' The virtual multi-media exhibition explores shared vulnerability, the nature of caring and surviving and the position of the sick in society. The exhibition is a collaboration between Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter, partners in art and life.


The exhibition also aims to raise awareness of Chance4Charlie. A fundraising campaign for life-saving Neurosurgery for Charlie. For more info go to 

On the 1st of April, Ganapati restaurant hosted a private view and fundraiser opening the physical exhibition which consists of 10 large pieces and postcards made by Fitz & Vinter, friends, family and those submitted by the public which will be on show throughout the summer. The virtual exhibition went live on Sunday the 7th April but will be continually evolving, as more works are added.

The virtual exhibition is comprised of three sections or gallery spaces; diptych's, multi-media collages and a community of postcards.  Begin by exploring diptychs. 

Click to download a PDF map from the physical exhibition, with an exploration of the theme and notes on curation. 

Poster reading: "radical acts of care, an exhibition at Ganapati Restaurant ''. Ganapati Restaurant is hosting an exhibition called Radical Acts of Care, showcasing the collaborative work of partners in art and life Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of Chance4Charlie, a fundraising campaign for life-saving neurosurgery for Charlie, as well as issues surrounding vulnerability and the nature of caring. We would like to invite readers to create visual artwork or present writing on the theme of Radical Acts of Care, to be shown alongside Charlie and Oscar's work and be part of the exhibition. Submissions need to be A6 (postcard size) - please post your artwork, drop it in, or email digital files to the restaurant. info@ganapatirestaurant.comWork shown will be for sale at the private view /fundraiser at Ganapati Restaurant. Monday 1st April 6.30pm. Part of the exhibition will be virtual and can be viewed at

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